Spark York

Open since November 2020 our upcycled shipping container is at Spark York, in York city centre. Enjoy our 100% vegan menu and cocktail bar in our upcycled bier garden or our in our indoor seating area.

Our grab-and-go fridge is available showcases both local brewers, and some the international breweries that we met on their tour of the best UK beer festivals over the past year. The all-vegan lineup of beers showcases the best of stouts, sours, fruited beers, lambics, pale ales and IPA’s. Our picks are pump up the jam by tiny rebel a jam doughnut pale ale, for sour beer lovers we can recommend Lervig passion tang a sour ale with loads of passionfruit and grains of paradise, those wanting a low abv beer should grab a can of Schofferhoffer a 2.5% grapefruit juice and wheat beer hybrid a perfect thirst quencher! The fridge also houses some great no and low alcohol options as well as a selection of vegan-friendly wines and York's first ‘Cansecco’: prosecco in a can.