Spark York

Doner Summer is opening in Spark York on the 15th November and to celebrate the opening day we are giving a free Berlin doner kebab to the first 150 customers starting from 12pm. 


We chose York as our first permanent site to build on the already great vegan scene also to bring a choice to the growing number of flexitarians our meat substitutes are made in our production kitchen in Leeds and are so realistic meat eaters often can’t tell the difference! 


The menu for our York site is our best to date embracing the best of berlin street food including kebabs, korean chick’n and tempeh, teller trays, currywurst, bratwurst and colourful fresh salads. 


In addition to our food menu we have worked together with Dovetail drinks to make a cocktail menu that perfectly pairs with our brand. The menu will include a range of 8 cocktails with doner summer twists on classic cocktails including a hazelnut and white chocolate espresso martini and a currywurst spiced bloody mary. Most cocktails with be available as low or no alcohol options, we don’t want to give too much away about the cocktails right now but have a few surprises in store and plenty of disco themed cocktails.


A grab and go fridge is available showcasing local brewers and international breweries that Doner Summer have met on their tour of the best UK beer festivals over the past year, the all vegan lineup of beers showcases the best of stouts, sours, fruited beers, lambics, pale ales and IPA’s. Our picks for the opening weekend are pump up the jam by tiny rebel a jam doughnut pale ale, for sour beer lovers we can recommend Lervig passion tang a sour ale with loads of passionfruit and grains of paradise, those wanting a low abv beer should grab a can of Schofferhoffer a 2.5% grapefruit juice and wheat beer hybrid a perfect thirst quencher!  The fridge will include some great no and low alcohol options as well as a selection of vegan friendly wines and a York first ‘Cansecco’ prosecco in a can